You have probably wondered whether there is an effective way for learning how you can intercept text messages without target phone. An article about online poker real money. That is something that interests a lot of people nowadays, but good thing is that there is more than one way to read someones text messages. However, in order to do so you first need to get a good application that will serve you well for that purpose. Here are the top five applications for reading someones messages.


  • MxSpy

With this application you can easily monitor everything on the targeted phone. With this app you will know how to read text messages from another for free, monitor phone calls, emails, online browsing history and many more other things. Not only can you read the text messages that are currently stored on the targeted phone, but also messages that have been previously deleted. All of the information from the targeted phone can be accessed from your personal account online, so you can remotely check everything without being ever detected by the phone user. Besides that, you can also uninstall this app remotely if the phone owner suspects that something is wrong.

  • Copy9

This is another excellent application with which you can easily learn how to read someones text messages without having their phone in hands. This app has been almost ten years on the market and has received many positive reviews by the customers. You can easily spy on text messages on Android and iPhone, and another great thing is that it does not require jailbreak. This is a big plus especially if the phone you are interested in on spying is constantly guarded by the owner. As soon as you download this app you can get access to all information from the targeted phone straight to your smartphone or computer.

  • DDI Utilities

This app is ideal for doing sms spy on iPhones. One of its best features is that can easily monitor all kinds of phone activity and at the same time can do backup of the phone`s data. Parents and employers can take advantage of this app as it offers plenty of great features for everyone. If your children are often breaking their phones you have nothing to worry about because DDI Utilities can easily recover the lost data. With this app you can monitor text messages, phone calls, photos, videos, social media activity, as well as GPS location of the targeted phone.

  • SurePoint Spy

This app functions equally well on Android and iPhone mobile devices and comes with plenty of user-friendly features. All you need to do is to just download and install the application and start monitoring text messages, emails, phone records, internet history, social media activity and many more things. You can even download pictures remotely and save them on your device.

  • Auto Forward Spy

This is one of the best applications you can find on the market. It is relatively new application, being on the market for just a few years, but it has already shown some great results and thousands of customers use it regularly. This app has all the options and features you are looking in a quality spy text app. Auto Forward Spy can be installed on many different models of smartphones, regardless of whether is an Android operated phone or an iPhone. Great thing is that you can do everything remotely without having possession on the targeted phone. Extracting information from the targeted phone is done easily and everything gets displayed directly on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.