This is an android app developed by Ravi Kumar and it is used by penetration testers, ethical hacks, IT administration and for cyber security reasons. The App has four main features; reconnaissance, scanning, exploits and security feed. This can easily be launched from the home screen. The phone hacking app is absolutely free.


In-depth review of key features

  1. This is the information gathering tool. It comes in two modules; Google hacking and Whols Lookup.
  2. Google hacking. This has six diferent sets which we will look at.
    1. PhpMyAdmin – This set bypasses the user admin and password and then takes you directly to schema table of vulnerable sites.
    2. PhpConfig – You will have google search results of vulnerable sites that allow inclusion of malicious files to an application.
    3. SQL injection – this has sites vulnerable to SQL attacks
    4. MySQL Sever – You can access sensitive information from target MYSQL server
    5. Login Portals – search results of contains simple SAMlphp login pages
    6. Passwords – Incase the SQL administrator has set up passwords for a database you easily get these files using the app.
  3. Whols Lockup – you can check out domain names or IPs. Information extends to contact info and domain name servers with certain status information.
  4. Scanning tools
  5. Ping – You can test the reachability of a host and measure the round trip time for messages sent from original host to destination.
  6. Traceroute – You can get information on intermediate devices and their speeds.
  7. Mx Record – Access victim phone emails
  8. DNS Dig – Get information on target Website DNS server.

The security feed shows any latest security news. The exploits feature on the app is still not available. The app still has positive reviews in mobile hacking websites.

Hackode does not let you hack Facebook accounts or any games. This app is very suitable for any person who is a hacking beginner. It is quite easy to install and it does not ask for private details. You can easily Google how to use it and you then can get started in minutes.

This application cannot be used on a desktop computer because you will need android emulator. It only works when executed from a mobile phone. The app is available for download on Google Apps.

The Application is still in its beta version and an update will be available soon. The best thing about this app is the online forums available. Coders are able to find bugs really fast which leads to pretty stable application. The app lets users hack cell phones remotely.

The application is legitimate and is a great too for enhancing cyber security. You can find loopholes in your network system and rectify it. But, the tool can be used as a hacking tool. It uses basic methods to collect data. There is need to improve the user interface which looks very simple at first glance.

This is however not an app for hacking games. Many users have been downloading the app and hoping to hack Clash of the Clans. The app is available for download at Google play and it is absolutely free. You can also use APLPure app to upgrade Hackode and this helps you save on internet charges.