Trojans, Viruses, Spyware, malware, spam are synonym with computer users worldwide especially to those who frequent the internet. How much do they cost? They can cost us hundreds of dollars when purchased together as a potent computer security package.
It is a normal practice as 1 security solution may not be adequate to prevent, control amp; neutralize the threats. We usually require a combination of Antivirus, Anti spyware, amp; Firewall programs to make our computers safe.

So how do we cut our computer security costs? You may want to consider an alternative before you start shopping for the newest amp; relatively expensive computer security software. We can get the free computer security solutions!

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Anti Virus

Let us look at AVG Antivirus Free Edition ( It features regular virus signature updates and adequate protection against viruses with the ability to quarantine and destroy detected viruses. However, the software tends to slow the computer dramatically during scanning. Additionally, the 7.1 free edition will be discontinued after the 18th February 2007 amp; replaced by a more updated 7.5 free edition version.

The fans of open source softwares may want to get Clamwin ( The software has most function of most commercial antivirus packages namely scan all types of drives, quarantine and delete infected files. Furthermore, it’s very simple interface and straight forward usage will not burden the computers resources.

Next is the award winning Antivirus by various reviewers, AntiVir Personal Edition ( The program boasts heuristic detection to detect previously unknown viruses. Another claimed feature is that it does not degrade the performance of our computers even the older ones. The user base of more than 15 million people and the ability to detect over 80,000 viruses proves it to be a popular choice.

Last but not least is the Avast! Home edition (www. The free package includes a malware stopper, a network shield, and assist in scanning emails for potential threats. It is considered a bargain for all the premium features that we can get for free.

Anti Spyware

It is essential to acquire Antispyware aside from antivirus protection for our computers. Thieves are more sophisticated and active especially nowadays when more people become exposed to the internet daily.

Numerous Anti spyware programs are available to us for free. Our computers will be safer to keep our sensitive information (passwords, pictures, etc). The Anti spyware will prevent them from being stolen by thieves utilizing Trojans amp; spyware. It is advisable to have at least 2 different Anti spyware programs on our computers. We should choose the ones which does not conflict with each other’s operations.

Windows Vista is pre packed with Microsoft Windows Defender in the operating system’s package. Other users still utilizing Windows XP will have to download the Anti spyware from the Microsoft website. It is available for free. You canĀ using sms spy without access to target phone free trial

A newcomer to the anti spyware arena is Spyware Terminator ( It incorporates Clam anti virus into the scanning process. Users can choose whether to perform a quick anti spyware scan or a full scan inclusive of a virus scan. The program will prompt users to activate beginner, advance and expert modes of real time protection during installation. Beginner category will have the program requiring minimal user intervention. The advance and expert categories will require decisions from users whether to block or allow any deemed intrusive actions of other programs on our computers.

Ad-Aware SE Personal edition ( is a time proven anti spyware. The free version incorporates most of the features found in the Pro version. What it obviously lacks is the Ad-watch feature. It monitors our computers constantly and alerts us when a threat arises much like how a real time anti spyware protection function operates.

Spybot Search and Destroy ( has an immunization option and it should be launched after every successful updating of the program. It offers decent protection against spyware, keyloggers, Trojans amp; other internet borne threats and it’s scanning process is relatively quick too.


Software firewalls are useful to prevent information from being sent out of our computers without our consent. The program will usually query the user before executing an action against a possible threat. The frequency of the queries depends on the level of security selected by the user and what kind of programs installed on our computers.

ZoneAlarm ( began as a free firewall and has now evolved into a commercial firewall software. However, the free version is still downloadable at the site minus some features of the pro version. The firewall is efficient at blocking potential incoming and outgoing threats. It can even be setup to block all online activity while we are away from our computers.

Another Firewall software available for downloading is the Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall ( which all features are made available for the first 30 days trial period. The full features includes pop-up blocking etc. Thereafter, users are obliged to purchase the Firewall or may choose to continue utilizing the free albeit restricted version which adequately provides the required Firewall security for our computers.

Could any new installation of an internet based application not function properly then our Firewall settings must be checked first. A Firewall software is very advanced and may halt applications which is more than what it is supposed to do.

One may consider that purchasing expensive commercial computer security programs are well worth it. However, it does not guarantee a totally safe computing environment and we may find that we do not need the extra features offered by the commercial versions.

Cost efficiency is what free computer protection programs do best. It can be a better alternative to expensive commercial packages considering the more than adequate computer protection provided by it at no cost to us. –

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